Moonbase Otago - Dunedin Arduino project

Moonbase Otago - Dunedin Arduino project


This is a private project of Paul Campbell - we're giving away cheap Arduino clone microcontrollers to Dunedin school kids this year (2015).

Thanks to those at Dunedin Makerspace, especially Ian and Luke, who've helped to put together kits

Getting started

Welcome - chances are you've come here because you were given an Arduino kit - these pages are still changing, we'll have more information over the next few weeks explaining not only how to use everything in your kit, but also how to add other things to work with it.

These days we have two sorts of kits, one contains an Arduino UNO, the others a WeMOS D1, both contain roughly the same components except for the CPUs.

An Arduino Uno looks like this:

A WeMOS D1 looks like this:

Both types of CPU can be programmed using the Arduino development system and all the beginner's projects are the same. The main differences between the two are:

WeMOS D1 Arduino Uno
Voltage 3.3V 5v
Pins Not many Lots more
Analog Pins 1 - 0-1v 6 0-5v
Networking WiFi none

We have separate 'getting started' pages for both sorts of kits - if you have a WeMOS D1 click here, if you have a Arduino Uno click here.

Who gets kits?

Paul is giving them out free to any kid in Dunedin who will actually do something with it, we are currently transitioning from Uno kits to D1 kits.

If you're going to take one home and then put it on the shelf and never use it there's not much point in giving you one. So we're asking adults to recommend kids who will actually do something with the kits - we don't really care what - build a green house and control the temperature, make a data logger that counts how many times a day your gold fish goes around its bowl, a robot, an animated sign - anything is great! And please show us what you've done - we'd love to show off your project here.

Notes for teachers

Most of the parts in the kits were bought from class set sized orders are likely to get similar sorts of prices here's a list of places I bought parts, note that prices and availability will change, search around for better deals, make sure you get the free shipping


How to guides, ideas, cool stuff:

Where to buy things: